All of our themes are designed to transport you to another place and time while being right here in California. Inspired by a mix of exotic destinations, immersive music festivals, and designer fashion shows, our themes are curated to create a certain atmosphere as part of a whole experience that goes beyond just the picnic itself. We have carefully selected the decor for our tablescapes to tie into the vibe while matching the styles, colors, and patterns that are unique to these places.


Our style is very much boho chic meets glam with a California beach glow and a refreshing twist. We love focusing on the small details, incorporating  pops of vibrant colors, and utilizing the feng shui principles of balance in our designs. Below, we have included color palettes joined by mood boards to give you a clear look into the exact atmosphere we have designed for you. For those looking for an entirely custom theme, we will help you design a unique theme for an additional fee of $300.