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Hi, nice to meet you! We are Jill and Tara, the sister team behind Dolce Picnics and Dolce Collective. We are so happy that you are visiting our page today. If we had to take a guess, you're probably ready to start planning a luxury picnic or al fresco experience. If that is the case, we are even more excited to start planning with you!


We are often asked how we became picnic planners. With backgrounds in corporate event planning and interior design, creating aesthetically pleasing atmospheres comes naturally for us. Prior to founding Dolce Picnics, Tara worked as a website and software developer for high-end architects. Jill, the creative mastermind behind Dolce Picnics, is a full-time student with a passion for design, fashion, and great food.


The story begins in the midst of lockdowns of 2020. As many did, we started binge watching ABC's The Bachelor. On the show, we saw these adorable dates take place at intimate outdoor setups. Looking for an outlet for creativity during the work-from-home atmosphere, we decided that we wanted to create these experiences for people here locally. We personally love the outdoors and this felt like the perfect way to bring people outside in a climate that otherwise kept us all in. Less than two weeks later, we created our first picnic for our brother and his fiancé and immediately fell in love with the experience.

Growing up in the small beach town of San Clemente, enjoying the beautiful outdoors of California has been a way of life from endless summer beach days to year-round nightly bonfires. Exploring the secret beaches and private coves along the coastline are a pastime for our family. Having the opportunity to share these places with our guests to enjoy in a unique way is one of the most incredible feelings. The smiles we see upon arrival to our events mean the world to us and are the reason we love what we do every single day!

Being half-Italian, the phrase "la dolce vita" (or "the sweet life") has always been important to us. We believe in living life to the fullest, making the most out of each moment, and reveling in the beauty of the world around us. It is about more than just indulging in the best, but making every moment count with those you love. We love that we can bring loved ones together for unforgettable moments just like this.

The majority our designs are inspired by travel destinations, immersive music festivals, and fashion shows. We do our best to capture the essence of a destination while staying true to our boho roots with a twist of California flair and classic beach vibes. After all, we do live in what many refer to as the California Riviera!

With us, your dream is our dream. We believe that life is made of moments- the big and the small. Whether celebrating love, your career, or welcoming a new life into the world, we want to help make these special moments extraordinary. Zooey Deschanel once said "There's nothing better than a picnic." We whole-heartedly agree!

In light & love, 

Jill & Tara
Founders, Dolce Picnics

Fun Facts:

Our favorite food is sushi

We foster shelter animals & currently have four cats & a puppy

Jillian plays competitive tennis while Tara is a pro at hula hoop

We love playing pranks on each other & our dad

Each week, we trade new poetry books with each other

Tara loves electronic dance music and mixes as a hobby

Jillian knows the lyrics to every Meghan The Stallion song

We partner with a different charity every single month

Tara's first job was an internship with JPL/NASA

Jillian is an incredible writer and is working on her own poetry book

We love art and going to museums around the world

If you read all the way here, use code DOLCEVITA for a free add-on!

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Instagram: @dolcepicnics

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