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Dates With Dolce

"It's where we gather, where we break bread, and where community becomes family."

Dates With Dolce stemmed from our love for hosting dinner parties and creating unique experiences. In Europe, shared dining experiences are beloved community events that bring people together over flavorful meals. All of this marinated in our minds and our hearts, sprinkled with a desire to gather alongside others for inspired conversations, laughter paired with curated sips, and organic family-style dinners.

We host a different Dates With Dolce every other month. Each event features chef-prepared meals, live entertainment, stunning table settings, and thoughtfully-curated experiences. These are intimate events, with a total of twenty-five settings. Some of these events take place at a beautiful beach picnic while others will include seated dining at aesthetic local venues. Each one will be styled differently to fit a certain theme.

Details regarding the dinner will be announced one month in advance along with the ability to purchase a ticket. You are welcome to come alone and make new friends, or bring friends long for an outing. Everyone at our table is already family and all are welcome here!


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