Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers! If we are missing anything below, feel free to send us a message!

1. I am looking for a simple picnic. What does the standard a à la carte picnic (before add-ons) look like?

This is definitely our most popular question. Even for the à la carte picnic (without any add-ons), our standard picnics are beyond ordinary. It is important to us that you have the experience of a lifetime regardless of the additional options. We put our hearts into every event big or small and would never settle for anything less that perfect. Seriously, we are self-proclaimed perfectionists! Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here is what the standard picnic looks like. The theme, decor, and colors  will vary based on what you choose and the event type, but this gives a good example of what is included.

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2. What does "bespoke" mean?

Bespoke (bəˈspōk): made for a particular customer or user. Basically, it just means built for you! You are able to choose a more simple option (sometimes less is more!) or you can create an entirely custom event with all the options you can dream. We work closely with trusted local vendors to make your picnic dreams come to life! We wanted to offer a bespoke experience to our guests in order to provide a very tailored experience exactly the way you want it. At our events, you can have your cake and eat it too (we even offer a custom cake add-on for that reason)!

3. What are the specific details of what is included per guest:

Great question! Here is what you can anticipate to expect at your picnic in terms of details: 

For Bespoke Picnics, Movie Nights, & Chef Experience: 

Floral Arrangement: One medium-size floral arrangement per table

*Each boho table is 4ft long

**For 6ft. high-top tables, we will include two medium-sized arrangements per table 

Ice: One 7lb bag of ice per six guests.

**We will provide two 7lb bags of ice for bookings over two hours long (i.e. you add an extra hour)

Water: One 16oz serving of water per guest

Lemonade: One 8oz serving of lemonade per guest

Poufs: One pillow pouf per guest

Plates: One ceramic plate per guest plus one additional bamboo plate per guest

Silverware: One fork & knife silverware set per guest plus one additional bamboo fork & knife set per guest

*Personal Chef Experience also includes a steak knife

**Cake knives, candles, and lighter are provided when you purchase a cake through us or upon prior request

Glasses: One glass goblet per guest plus one additional paper cup per guest

*Champagne glasses are provided upon request

Napkins: One cloth napkin per guest

Heater: Upon request depending on time of day and weather conditions

String Lights: Evening picnics only

Pampas Grass: Pending weather conditions and location (some beaches do not allow pampas grasses)

For Beach Cabanas:

Floral Arrangement: One small floral arrangement

Ice: Two 7lb bags of ice per six guests

Water: Four 16oz serving of water per guest

Lemonade: Three 8oz serving of lemonade per guest

Beach Towel: One fresh beach towel per guest

Sling Chair: One sling chair per guest

Beach Blanket: One large beach blanket per four guests

Glasses: One glass goblet plus two additional paper cup per guest

Pampas Grass: Pending weather conditions and location (some beaches do not allow pampas grasses)

For Micro-Weddings:

Floral Arrangement: One medium-size floral arrangement per table

*Each boho table is 4ft long

**For 6ft. high-top tables, we will include two medium-sized arrangements per table 

Ice: Two 7lb bags of ice per eight guests.

Water: Three 16oz serving of water per guest

Lemonade: Two 8oz serving of lemonade per guest

Poufs: One pillow pouf per guest

Plates: One ceramic plate per guest plus one additional bamboo plate per guest

Silverware: One fork & knife silverware set per guest plus one additional bamboo fork & knife set per guest. Cake knife automatically provided

Glasses: One glass goblet and one champagne glass per guest plus one additional paper cup per guest

Napkins: One cloth napkin per guest plus extra high-end paper napkins 

Heater: Upon request depending on time of day and weather conditions

String Lights: Evening weddings

Pampas Grass: Pending weather conditions and location (some beaches do not allow pampas grasses)

4. Can you guarantee a spot on the beach?

No, we cannot guarantee a specific spot on the beach. Beaches vary drastically each day based on tides, crowds, and other events. We will do our best to accommodate but we cannot guarantee spots. However, we will always do our best to choose the best spot upon arrival to the beach approximately two hours before your event start time.

5. Can you do seating arrangements?

We will not do seating arrangements or seating charts except for weddings and custom events. With most picnics, guests prefer to choose their own spot at the table. In regards to seating charts, we do not do this because we cannot always guarantee a spot on the beach. We will work with the space given and this can slightly change layouts. For this reason, we do not do seating charts or arrangements.

6. How much do your picnics cost?

Since the price of our picnics vary based on the number of people and the add-on options you wish to add, it is best to consult the pricing page. We suggest using the booking form to play around with options to create a total. Our starting picnic for two starts at $300. 

7. My company wants to plan an office picnic. Do yo work offer corporate parties?

Absolutely! We love planning and hosting company parties. Prior to this, we worked in corporate and tech start-ups for a long time including as corporate event planners, so we have a lot of experience to make sure your company picnic is next-level. We will even help you secure branded items to match your logo and more!

8. How does the process work for booking and the day of the event?

To book, the best way is to head to our booking form to fill out an inquiry. While filling out the booking form, you will be able to choose the theme, add-ons, and more that you would like at your event. From there, we will let you know the date and time you selected is accurate. If it is, then we will send you an invoice for the deposit along with a contract. The full payment is due 48 hours prior to the event date. On the day of, we will text you an exact pin (as needed) of the location one hour prior to the event and will greet you upon arrival. We then depart and allow you to enjoy the time with your friends and family. When your event is set to end, we will come back and clean up everything while go enjoy the rest of your day. 

9. What are dry florals?

Beautiful....that's what they are! We love dry florals as much as fresh florals, so it is really just a matter aesthetic preference! See the photos below to see what dry florals look like. You will be able to select whether you want fresh or dry florals on your booking form.

Minimalistic composition of dried flower
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Stylish modern dried flower arrangement
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Beautiful dried flower arrangement in a
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10. Which locations do you serve?

We work at any location from San Diego to Santa Monica. Our primary locations are San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. If you are outside of these areas, we are more than happy to come to your area! For locations outside of our range, we do charge a travel fee depending on how far away you are located. Picnics can be held at the beach, at parks, in your backyard, or even at home! We also have a variety of secret spots and unique venues. Email us for more regarding the secret spots!

11. Why do you charge a service fee?

Service fees are standard within the event planning industry and amongst picnic companies. Most charge both a service fee and a travel fee even for local locations. The fee helps cover the labor during the actual event, paying our team, covering gas and travel expenses, costs and time associated with picking up items such as food, time spent coordinating with vendors, time spent making orders, and more. The cost of the actual picnic itself is more for the cost of renting the materials (tables, pillows, linens, dinnerware), the florals, the ice, the extra details, and the time and labor of cleaning the items used.Think about it this way. When you plan an event with an event planner or even on your own, often times you need to rent equipment such as tables, chairs, and linens. The setup cost covers those expenses, while the services fee covers the time and labor we spend setting it up and cleaning up afterwards. We certainly work really hard to make these events happen, so we truly appreciate your understanding of the service fee included!

12. Is the deposit refundable? 

The deposit is non-refundable. If you reschedule 72 hours or more prior to your event date, you can use your deposit towards a rescheduled date. If you reschedule the event with less than 72 hours to your event date, you will not receive a credit. If the event needs to be moved due to extreme weather conditions, we will allow you to use the deposit towards a rescheduled event.

13. What if the weather is poor?

We are lucky in California, but we do occasionally get that rainy day or windy day here and there. When it comes to weather, we understand it happens. We will either try to find a new location for you or we can reschedule your event for a later date. We reserve the right to adjust our picnics to accommodate weather conditions. For example, if it is too windy to use the pampas grass we may not put the pampas out. We may also tape down the place cards if there is a breeze.

14. I want a custom theme. Is that possible?

Of course! We love custom themes. We have done everything from Chanel-inspired to mermaid. If you want to create an entirely custom theme, head to our Custom Events.

15. Is a permit required at the location I chose?

Some locations do require permits depending on the size of the event. In many cases, a permit is not required. If a permit is required, we will let you know and plan from there. Permits can range from $50 to $250, but in most cases the permit applies to larger events and weddings. There are certain locations, such as the gazebo at Heisler Park, that require a permit to book.

16. My picnic is scheduled for evening. Do you provide lighting? 

String lighting as well as candle lighting are provided for all picnics. All of our candles are electric in order to prevent fire hazards and for general safety.

17. It's going to be cold out. Do you have a heater?

We always include a heater but also have options for a mini bonfire as well! When it will be chilly out, we also provide additional blankets to keep you warm.

18. Can I bring my own food?

Definitely! Feel free to bring your own food with you. If you want to place an order from our curated chef menu, we will have the food delivered fresh on-site.

19. What are your themes?

Our themes are located on our website here!

20. I have kids under three years of age. Can I bring them? 

Of course! For guests under three years of age, we do not charge since they do not require a place setting. Definitely bring your babies with you, they will love lounging on the beach with you! 

21. Can I bring my dog?

If there is anything we love more than picnics, it is most certainly puppies. Or any animal for that matter! We are huge animal lovers over here, so we would love if you bring your dog. We can suggest dog-friendly beaches in the area. 

22. I want to choose one of your secret locations. Can you tell me where? 

They are a secret for a reason! Contact us directly to learn more about our highly-coveted spots.

23. I am very cautious about COVID. What types of precautions are you taking?

We are extremely cautious about COVID and any other illness. Both of us have received the vaccine already, but wear a mask and gloves during setups and guest interaction. We cleanse and sanitize everything used in the picnics each and every time. This includes the pillows and the linens. We want to make sure you are safe, so we are doing everything possible to make sure everyone is safe during this time. 

24. Can you accommodate people with allergies?

Definitely. If you have an allergy, dietary restriction or preference, please let us know. We will let our dessert and charcuterie partners know so that they can adjust to accommodate accordingly. 

25. Is your business sustainable? 

Yes! We truly care about the environment and are grateful for the opportunity the beach has given us. Growing up in a beach town, we have always practiced the "pack-it-in, pack-it-out" and "take three for the sea" mentality. All of the materials used as part of our picnics are reuseable, recyclable, or biodegradable. This goes for the balloons garland as well! Our balloon partners use biodegradable balloons and never use mylar balloons. 

26. Do you offer collabs?

We do! If you are interested in a partnership or collaboration opportunity, please contact us directly to discuss more details.

27. I am unable to choose the date and time I want on your calendar. Can you assist?

If the calendar does not allow you to select the date and time, it is most likely booked. The good news is that we are often able to accommodate additional picnics. Please contact us directly to schedule a manual booking or to see if we can fit you in!

28. When is the final payment due? 

The final payment is due in full via the invoice we send 24-hours prior to the event start time. If the invoice is not paid 24-hours prior to the start time, the event will be cancelled. Should there be changes to the event where a credit is due, we will send a refund back to the original form of payment as an adjustment.

29. How long do I have to make adjustments to final add-ons, decor, and guest count?

You must let us know one week prior to your event date for any final adjustments for any add-ons. We need time to work with our vendors to accommodate orders, especially for custom or food orders to guarantee your order can be placed. For guest count, please alert us within 72 hours if the guest count changes so that we can purchase any additional materials needed.

30. How will I locate you on the beach?

We will send you a text with a pin drop location and panoramic photos of the area one hour prior to the event start time. We will also greet you upon arrival and help guide you to the picnic location.