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Movie Night Experience

Outdoor Movie Experience

What We Include:

Three Hours

Neutral Color Scheme

Projector Screen, Projector, Speakers

Lounge Seating: Sitting Rugs & Blankets


Pouf Chairs

Small Round Boho Table

String Lighting

Bamboo Cups and Napkins

Small Picnic Basket

Oversize Picnic Storage Basket

Sitting Rugs + Blankets

Chilled & Sparkling Water

Ice & Ice Bucket

Eco-Friendly Waste Bin


2 Guests: $600

4 Guests: $800

6 Guests: $1,000

8 Guests: $1,200

10 Guests: $1,400

For guest counts over 10, please contact us via email at

The best way to start the booking process is via the inquiry form. The form allows you to choose the time, date, location, theme, add-ons, & more while providing us with the details we need to accurately plan and price your experience.


Many of your questions can be answered under our detailed FAQ section for quick information.



Green & Beige Earthy Mood board -23_edited.jpg

$15 Each

Individual box packed with one serving of charcuterie, placed on each plate

Picnic Themes_edited.jpg

$10 Each

Individual box of buttered popcorn. Feeds 1 to 2

Picnic Themes_edited.jpg

$10 Each

Individual box of caramel popcorn. Feeds 1 to 2

Picnic Themes_edited.jpg

$15 Each

Tray of assorted movie candy. Includes six boxes of the classic faves

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